Preventive Care

Comprehensive Foot Treatment for Preventative Care

From childhood to adulthood, Fleetwood Footcare Center is dedicated to getting your foot and ankle condition under control. Get in touch with us today for a preventative foot and ankle treatment.

Maintain Healthy Ankles and Feet for a Lifetime

You will be cared for with a wide array of preventative and corrective foot care services. As the majority of correctable foot problems first become evident during childhood, parents rely on our expertise to address their children’s early foot care needs to avoid serious health-related problems during adulthood.

Make the lifelong commitment to maintaining the healthy condition of your feet and ankles. Fleetwood Footcare Center understands that your mobility and overall physical wellness depends on your ability to keep your feet healthy. 

What may seem to be a routine condition, may actually be an early indicator of a more serious illness such as diabetes, poor circulation, arthritis, and heart, kidney or liver disease. Don't neglect! Schedule an appointment with our doctor today.

Preventative Care Backed by Modern Technology

You will receive the industry's latest methods for early detection, with Fleetwood Footcare Center. With technology, like PADnet®, our in-office vascular testing device, we are able to detect early signs of Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) and venous disease.

With this information, you can get the appropriate level of care and restore your foot and ankle health.
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